Ultimate Control of Multiple Building Management Systems

Giving the end user ultimate control of multiple building management systems, our integration solutions merge building automation and control systems together, so they can be accessed from one centralized location.

  • The CCUNet is a multi-point, point to point network, meaning that different data can be simultaneously transmitted between points on the network. The network is designed in a way such that all network segments transmit and receive simultaneously - greatly increasing the capacity of the network.

  • Interconnect systems to coordinate activity and enhance emergency response.
  • Industry-standard protocol for greater compatibility.
  • Listed to the main UL and EN standards.
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Our integration solutions create smarter, more optimized, energy-efficient facilities that deliver outcomes.


Endless Possibilities with Remote Access

With the explosion of the Internet of Things, more devices and applications can now be connected. People can now monitor and manage the safety and security of multiple assets all over the world remotely using mobile devices to access various systems and data clouds.
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