Addressable Sensors and Bases – Helping to Revolutionize Fire Detection Systems

Modular in design, our systems offer a high degree of versatility and flexibility.

Introducing the FireClass Triple Sensing Detector

Experience the pinnacle of fire detection technology with our innovative Triple Sensing Detector from FireClass. This remarkable device seamlessly combines optical, heat, and CO detection into a single unit, setting a new standard for sophisticated fire detection.

Tune in now and discover the power of the FireClass Triple Sensing Detector - your ultimate solution for safer and smarter fire protection. Don't miss out on this essential tool for elevating the reliability and efficiency of your fire detection systems.
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Designed to be highly flexible, our sensors and bases can be easily customized to our fire detection and alarm systems – no matter the size of the building.


Product Versatility

With our addressable sensors and bases’ capabilities to operate in several approved modes and sensitivities, these products can be dynamically selected to suit several different environmental conditions.
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