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Reliable Fire Detection Equipment Enables Safer Environments

Cutting-edge fire detection solutions help save time, money and lives.

  • Industry Overview
  • Primary Hazards
  • FireClass Applications
FireClass provides reliable fire detection and evacuation support systems designed for Hospitals
Cost-Effective Fire Detection Solutions Never Looked Better
Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are where we go to focus on health and wellbeing, which is best when available consistently and without interruption. That's why the healthcare industry invests in better fire detection solutions.
Avoid any fire related risks in Hospitals with FireClass fire detection and evacuation systems
Primary Hazards
  • Sleeping risk
  • Reduced false alarms
  • Suitable fire detection for those with hearing difficulties
  • Easy evacuation management
  • Test multiple devices from one location
Multisensor Detectors and Reflective Sound Monitoring products for the Healthcare industry from FireClass
FireClass Applications
  • Multisensor Detectors (FC460PH)
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring
  • TSM800 Door Control Module
  • FC32/64 Panel
  • Visual Alarm Devices
  • FireClass Remote

Enhancing Fire Safety with FireClass: 5 Crucial Factors to Prevent False Alarms in Healthcare Facilities

False alarms can disrupt healthcare facilities and compromise patient safety. In this informative video, we present five essential factors to consider, helping you tackle false alarms effectively and bolstering fire safety measures.

Join us as we delve into proven strategies that address common causes of false alarms in healthcare settings. From fine-tuning alarm sensitivity to optimizing system maintenance and staff training, each factor plays a vital role in minimizing unnecessary alerts.

Taking A Fire System’s Security To The Next Level

In October 2020, Vickers Oils realized that its fire systems were struggling, out of date, and not meeting the latest fire safety standards. To address our client’s concerns, we recommended a comprehensive upgrade and replaced its fire systems with a single Johnson Controls system that was significantly more effective.

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Customer Story

A Best-In-Class Fire Detection System

Wargaming, an award-winning online game developer and publisher was facing major security challenges. The company wanted to centralize control of its building management, with a singular view of operations and isolate threats to the business, while strengthening business continuity. To address Wargaming’s building needs, Fireclass implemented an addressable fire detection system, which prevents false alarms and provides full building security.

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Safeguarding Students, Staff and Services On A University Campus

At a university in Scotland, there were up to 40 false alarms occurring monthly. The university needed to find a way to eliminate the false alarms through a cost-effective solution that wouldn’t further disrupt the students. As a solution, we implemented our triple sensing fire detectors, which have been designed to continuously read the levels of CO₂, smoke, and heat within the environment.

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