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Top-of-the-line FireClass fire detection systems proactively provide sensitive, yet stable fire detection solutions.

  • Industry Overview
  • Primary Hazards
  • FireClass Applications
FireClass provides manual and automated notification systems to ensure your Warehouse Facilities
Keep Workers and Inventory Safe and Sound
Our wide range of fire detection solutions can cover warehouses with maximum efficiency, saving time and resources over time.
Avoid any fire related risks in Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities with FireClass fire detection
Primary Hazards
  • Reduce False Alarms - Machinery
  • Building Infrastructure Doesn't Support Conventional Detectors
  • Alert Staff Wearing Hearing Protection
  • Production of High Temperatures and Combustible Gases
  • Vehicle Fumes
  • Large Multi-Site Facilities
Multisensor detectors and combined sounders beacons designed for Warehouses from FireClass
FireClass Applications
  • Multisensor Detectors - FC460PH FC501
  • Combined Sounders Beacons
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring
  • TSM800 Door Control Module
  • FC MAE Multi Account Engine Monitoring Software
  • FireClass Graphics

Taking A Fire System’s Security To The Next Level

In October 2020, Vickers Oils realized that its fire systems were struggling, out of date, and not meeting the latest fire safety standards. To address our client’s concerns, we recommended a comprehensive upgrade and replaced its fire systems with a single Johnson Controls system that was significantly more effective.

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A Best-In-Class Fire Detection System

Wargaming, an award-winning online game developer and publisher was facing major security challenges. The company wanted to centralize control of its building management, with a singular view of operations and isolate threats to the business, while strengthening business continuity. To address Wargaming’s building needs, Fireclass implemented an addressable fire detection system, which prevents false alarms and provides full building security.

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Safeguarding Students, Staff and Services On A University Campus

At a university in Scotland, there were up to 40 false alarms occurring monthly. The university needed to find a way to eliminate the false alarms through a cost-effective solution that wouldn’t further disrupt the students. As a solution, we implemented our triple sensing fire detectors, which have been designed to continuously read the levels of CO₂, smoke, and heat within the environment.

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