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Our products have been built around many years of product innovation through research and provide world-class fire security.

Explore FireClass's New Addressable Devices: Visual Alarm Devices and Visual Indication Devices

With our Visual Alarm Devices, you'll experience highly visible and attention-grabbing alerts, ensuring swift responses during emergencies. The Visual Indication Devices provide real-time feedback, empowering you with crucial insights for timely decision-making. Meanwhile, our powerful Sounders deliver clear and effective audible warnings to alert everyone in your surroundings.

Stay ahead in fire protection with FireClass's addressable devices, redefining safety standards and bringing unparalleled reliability and efficiency to your environment.

Introducing the Cutting-Edge Addressable Fire Alarm Devices by FireClass

Our brand-new range of FireClas addressable fire alarm devices is here! From Visual Alarm Devices to Visual Indication Devices and Sounders, our innovative lineup sets a new standard for fire safety technology.

In this video, we take you on a captivating journey through the advanced features and functionalities of our addressable devices. Experience the power of seamless integration, enhanced accuracy, and rapid response times, all designed to elevate your fire protection measures.
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With our addressable notification systems, they can be customised to your changing needs to help protect your safety and property.


Increase Confidence in Alarm Precision

One of the advantages of installing an addressable notification system is the ability to pinpoint exactly where a fire is occurring. Through false alarm identification, our systems can quickly detect a false alert and rectify the issue.
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