Key Features

The PAVA system ensures a cost-effective voice and public address system due to its cutting-edge features, excellent audio quality, and flexibility.

  • We have a variety of control units, which ensure safe and controlled emergency evacuations. Additionally, these control units have high performance, versatility, and audio, which make them a powerful voice distribution system for all types of installation.

  • We carry a wide assortment of speakers for emergency evacuation designed to deliver clear and concise instructions.

  • With an easy and intuitive interface, our controllers can help ease the installation process and manage the system from top to bottom when it comes to volume control, audio routing, failure supervision, evacuation mode, and more.

  • With our vast range of PAVA accessories, you can build a customized PAVA notification system.

Introducing the Compact EN54 Public Address & Voice Alarm System by FireClass

Experience the power of simplicity with our compact EN54 Public Address & Voice Alarm System, designed specifically for small and medium installation centers. This revolutionary system offers a seamless solution, consolidating all necessary functionalities into a single piece of equipment.

Join us now to explore the compact EN54 Public Address & Voice Alarm System and witness how this user-friendly and efficient solution transforms the way you manage communications and safety. Don't miss out on this innovative step towards a more connected and secure environment.

Introducing FireClass NEO PAVA System: EN 54-16 Certified for Safe Emergency Evacuation

Discover how FireClass NEO's remarkable performance and adaptability make it an ideal choice for various environments, from commercial spaces to large facilities. Witness the powerful audio quality that ensures clear communication during critical moments, providing an added layer of assurance.

Whether you manage a small establishment or a sprawling complex, our NEO PAVA system is here to enhance your safety measures, offering a seamless emergency evacuation solution.
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With pre-recorded messages or evacuation alerts, the PAVA system allows for safe and orderly responses to hazardous situations.


Unique Features

The PAVA system has high performance versatility and audio quality, making it a powerful sound system.
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