Benefits of Network Solutions

Our solutions offer client server capability, creating the ability to monitor activity, and remotely view information from a PC with the appropriate software.

  • Designed to be highly flexible, the Fibre Optic Module is a large network system which ensures that each event message passed around the network is acknowledged by the receiving controller in the fastest possible time.

  • The PNI800 is a network plug-in card offering several features, including bidirectional connection to the fire detection and alarm panels of the PROFILE Flexible range and the MZXnet network.

  • As it is a large network system, the product is completely flexible and allows 2 to 99 fire alarm control panels to be connected seamlessly.
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Network solutions help to improve survivability; if a single panel loses communication, all remaining panels can still communicate with each other.


Configured To Meet Your Needs

Our network solutions offer centralized control, historical logging, report generation, and control of fire alarm network points.
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