Guaranteed Fast and Continuous Fire Detection

Designed with the latest cutting-edge technology, our linear heat system conventional sensors provide fast and continuous fire detection, even in difficult and varying environment conditions.

  • The ProReact range of digital linear heat detection cables are designed to trigger a response when a specific temperature is reached. For example, when a fire or overheat event occurs, the temperature of the cable increases and trigger an alarm.

  • Enhance your fire safety with our Door Holders and Accessories. The TSM800 module ensures optimal door operations, meeting DIBt standards.

  • One of the main accessories available for ProReact devices is the wireless remote control. This accessory allows users to conveniently operate and control their ProReact devices from a distance. With the wireless remote control, users can easily arm or disarm their ProReact devices, adjust sensitivity settings, activate or deactivate specific features, and more, all without having to physically interact with the device itself.

  • Developed for a wide use of applications, our cables can be connected directly to our fire alarm systems. Additionally, they can be mounted or integrated with other control units.

  • Having the proper fire accessories can be critical to ensuring protection during emergencies. We offer a broad range of accessories that can be tailored to your unique needs.

  • The reliability and precision of a fire detection system plays a key role in the early detection of fire. The new MZX SensorLaser™ Pro guarantees fast and continuous fire detection even in difficult and varying ambient conditions.
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Powered with a laser that requires a lower output, the MZX SensorLaser™ Plus has a longer service life in contrast to other laser supported systems.


Highly Adaptable

This linear heat detection system can adapt to a variety of environments, from traffic and supply tunnels to cable routes and conveyor belts.
Linear Heat System Conventional Sensors from FireClass

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