A Multitude of Sounds

Our multi-tone electronic sounders can signal other conditions, including extinguishing gas and impending danger.

  • The 700 range of low-cost conventional detectors are microprocessor-based, offering features designed to extend the shelf-life and reduce installed costs to customers.

  • A range of accessories is available to enable more flexibility when installing conventional detectors.

  • The range of conventional detector ancillaries have been designed with the needs of the installer in mind. The range includes the unique time saver ceiling tile adaptor, which significantly streamlines the installation process.

Swift Installation & Accurate Fire Detection: Introducing the FireClass 700 Series Conventional Detectors

Discover the next level of fire detection technology with our FireClass 700 Series Conventional Detectors, meticulously designed for fast and hassle-free installation. Utilizing advanced algorithms, these detectors precisely analyze fire conditions, ensuring accurate and timely alerts.

In this video, we unveil the unparalleled features of our 700 Series Conventional Detectors that make them a game-changer in fire safety. From their user-friendly setup to their intelligent algorithms, each aspect is engineered to deliver top-notch performance.

FireClass Time Saver Mount: Revolutionizing Fire Detector Installation

Say goodbye to time-consuming fire detector installations on suspended ceilings! Introducing the innovative Time Saver Mount from FireClass, designed to accelerate the installation process and minimize costly revisits for commissioning detectors.

In this video, we unveil the game-changing features of the Time Saver Mount that will streamline your fire safety projects. With this cutting-edge solution, you can now complete installations swiftly and efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

If you're a fire safety professional or a project manager looking for ways to optimize your installation processes, this is a must-see! Join us as we showcase the Time Saver Mount's capabilities and witness firsthand how it elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of fire detector installations.
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Our 700 conventional sensors and bases are easy to install, which helps to reduce costs.


Extending The Lifetime of Our Sensors and Bases

Through innovative design, the built-in microprocessors in our 700 conventional sensors and bases offer built-in drift compensation, which helps to extend the lifetime warranty of our products.
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