Best-In-Class Detectors

The FireClass FC460 detectors provide best-in-class environmental and detection performance with their unique capabilities to detect nearly all fire types.

  • FireClass combines decades of experience with industry leading fire accessories that focus on our customers’ needs to offer customizable fire solutions, which increase building safety.

  • The 460 addressable base offers superior performance and reliability, while also providing real-time visibility and alerting you if fires arise.

  • The FireClass FC460 detectors provide best-in-class environmental and detection performance, with additional capabilities to detect all fire types.

Introducing the FireClass Triple Sensing Detector

Experience the pinnacle of fire detection technology with our innovative Triple Sensing Detector from FireClass. This remarkable device seamlessly combines optical, heat, and CO detection into a single unit, setting a new standard for sophisticated fire detection.

Tune in now and discover the power of the FireClass Triple Sensing Detector - your ultimate solution for safer and smarter fire protection. Don't miss out on this essential tool for elevating the reliability and efficiency of your fire detection systems.

FireClass Time Saver Mount: Revolutionizing Fire Detector Installation

Say goodbye to time-consuming fire detector installations on suspended ceilings! Introducing the innovative Time Saver Mount from FireClass, designed to accelerate the installation process and minimize costly revisits for commissioning detectors.

In this video, we unveil the game-changing features of the Time Saver Mount that will streamline your fire safety projects. With this cutting-edge solution, you can now complete installations swiftly and efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

If you're a fire safety professional or a project manager looking for ways to optimize your installation processes, this is a must-see! Join us as we showcase the Time Saver Mount's capabilities and witness firsthand how it elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of fire detector installations.
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Our detectors have multiple fire detection modes – from optical / heat multisensors to optical/heat/ CO triple multisensor options, we’re here to provide some of the best and most versatile detectors on the market.


Providing Unique Features You Can Rely On

The FC460 range of detectors offer a unique variety of features - from CO fire detection technology to an optional detector locking pin and more, you can rely on these products – now and in the future.
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