Highly Adaptable

The system is highly resistant to hostile environments, interference from electrical signals and sources of false alarms.

  • We have programmable modules that are designed to suit your needs.

  • Our modules host a variety of features, including 20 programmable digital input and output points for fire panels.

  • The FC600 range of repeaters are designed with our users in mind. The repeaters include both AC and DC powered models, and a color LCD display with 32 LED zonal display, making the product easy to navigate.

  • Originally designed for the most hostile of environments, the FC600 is highly resilient to external factors such as electrical noise, and sources of false alarm.

Introducing FC600 FireClass Range for Enhanced Fire Detection

Discover the FC600 FireClass range, a robust fire detection and alarm system driven by the dependable FireClass loop protocol. Designed to excel even in the harshest environments, this system showcases unparalleled resilience against electrical noise and interference from other devices, ensuring minimal false alarms.

Experience the future of fire detection technology with the FC600 FireClass range - setting new standards in reliability, flexibility, and performance for enhanced fire safety in a wide array of settings.
Fire detectors mounted on a ceiling near hanging lights

The panel has been specifically engineered to offer increased loop capacity and the option to share loops, giving even more flexibility in the systems’ design.


Suited To Fit Your Environment Needs

The FC600 range offers integrated fire detection solutions for many mid-size applications from hotels and commercial offices to healthcare environments and manufacturing facilities.
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