Connected Services Gateway

Access critical life safety system information from anywhere

With the Connected Services Gateway, you can access the information you need to handle emergencies, plan maintenance, and keep your systems in top working order.

  • Installed in the fire alarm control unit
  • Connect to Supervising Stations and the SafeLINC Connected Services cloud-based platform
  • Paired with SafeLINC, the Gateway enables powerful remote access to system information, events, and log data
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The Gateway to Information on Emergencies and Maintenance

The Connected Services Gateway provides a powerful, secure link to your life safety system. The Gateway can be installed inside any ES family panel or mounted within 20 feet of the fire alarm control unit using an external enclosure. The Gateway transmits data via the facility Local Area Network (LAN) or a wireless cellular network to a cloud database and/or central station receiver. The Connected Services Gateway securely connects to the SafeLINC Cloud services platform. Status and event information is sent via the Gateway to the cloud, where users can access it via web browser or mobile app. For facilities with multiple buildings, this is incredibly convenient and helps improve emergency response and boost efficiency.
The Gateway to Information on Emergencies and Maintenance


  • Secure connection to your control units: The Connected Services Gateway provides connection between a control unit, a supervising station, and the SafeLINC Connected Services platform.
  • More efficient maintenance and service through SafeLINC:Using the Gateway, SafeLINC Connected Services enable you to see what’s happening in each control unit and view logs so you can plan maintenance to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. Remote access also allows remote engineers to help on-site technicians correct problems.
  • No more costly, underperforming phone lines:With the Connected Services Gateway’s IP connectivity you can communicate directly with your Supervising Station via the internet, a cellular connection or standard phone lines. Using an IP connection allows yo
  • Convenient management of all your locations:The Gateway works with SafeLINC to connect you with control units in each building, an entire campus, or multiple campuses, giving you total visibility to all your systems.
  • Better safety and emergency response:Through the Supervising Station connection and SafeLINC mobile app, the Connected Services Gateway gets critical information where it’s needed, enabling a faster, more appropriate response.


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Used together, the Gateway and the SafeLINC Connected Services platform give you access to system information via web browser and cell phone app.

Better Management And Response

Having critical status and history information at your fingertips makes it easier to manage your systems and keep them in top working order. It also enables faster, more appropriate emergency response.


The Connected Services Gateway can be used with Fireclass 4100ES, 4010ES, and 4007ES control units.

Supervising Station Interface

Connect to central monitoring stations using IP or standard telephone systems.